Friday, July 31, 2009

Good-bye, July!

Well, it's July 31st, which means that I am just about half way through my summer vacation (isn't the life of a teacher grand?) What have we done with our time over those first 5 weeks? Really quite a lot! We have:
-taken trips to the park, the water park, the beach, the lake, the petting farm and Butchart Gardens
- ridden on many a steam train (to the boys' complete delight)
- checked out a vintage car show (yay, Grandpa!)
- been to the library several times and collected lots of stickers in our summer reading program booklets
- been swimming at the pool
- been to the summer festival and participated in the festival parade!
- gone for ice cream on more than one occasion (what? it's really hot!)
- celebrated Sawyer's 2nd birthday with a double-decker-themed party in the garden
- ridden the bus and the trolley
- worked and played in the garden
- had many picnics, indoors and out
- been to Starbucks far more times than I can count (note to self: must. buy. shares.)
- celebrated Canada Day with lots of red and white
- gone for lots of bike rides
- hosted a big ol' barbeque

Sans enfants, I have:
- spent an evening in the ER in agony (evil gallstone...)
- been out for dinner with friends, twice
- seen two movies (The Proposal, during which I laughed a lot, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in which I could be heard saying "That's not right" or "Oh. That's not in the book", a few too many times for my liking)
- been for tea with girlfriends
- practiced my running (getting better all the time) and gone to the gym a lot ** see my Run for the Cure page to donate
- booked my flight to France!

Whew! Quite an eventful July, non? And can you guess how much I am looking forward to August?

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