Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day 2009

I love Canada Day! And this year was no exception. We had a low-key, relaxing, and really fun time. Wanna hear all about it? We started the day with a potluck breakfast in the garden with our favourite neighbours. Kelly, Ed, "Big" Dylan, Russell and Tayler joined us for waffles, maple syrup (from Quebec, of course!), bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, fruit, coffee, tea and juice! Whew! We didn't need to eat again until supper time! We had a lovely time lounging in the garden, eating our delicious breakfast and visiting. The Kelseys will soon be moving north to 100 Mile, so we are trying to squeeze in as many get-togethers as we possibly can!

After they headed home, we spent some time watering the garden and I took the chance to snap some festive shots of Alan and the boys. Don't they look patriotic in their red and white?

As is tradition, we flew the Canada flag from the clothesline!

In the afternoon we headed for Fort Rodd Hill via double-decker bus (you can imagine Sawyer's delight to discover that this was to be our mode of transportation!) to see the sights, listen to the music and enjoy the sunshine. We got there too late for the Canada cake, but I reassured the boys that there was plenty of leftover birthday cake at home, so they took the disappointment in stride (which was great, because I was expecting fits of tears!). They had lots of fun wandering the fortress and checking out the medieval village re-enactment.

I can never take too many photos of Fisgard Lighthouse. It is just so beautiful down there.

We were excited to find ourselves in England! But disappointed to discover we were a good 640 years or so too early to be able to visit our favourite friends and relatives!

Dylan scrambled up on a huge rock to show us his climbing prowess.

Sawyer and Daddy were quick to follow him up!

Dylan and I take the traditional long-arm shot on the double-decker bus ride home.

Upon arrival, the boys all crashed on the lawn. I whipped up a picnic supper and we munched away outside until it was time for baths and bed. It was a wonderful day, and as you can see we had quite a lot of fun, all decked out in our red and white!

Everyone is asleep now (even Alan, who wore himself out with an extra-long bike ride today!) and I am boiling the kettle for a cup of peppermint tea. Then it's my turn for the bath, and bed. We'll put off going to the fireworks until next year (or the year after that or the year after that)... The idea of taking two kids downtown after their bedtime to join the crowds just does not appeal to me... yet!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

PS: It was 9 years ago exactly that Alan arrived here in Canada, for his first ever visit. I had a maple leaf painted on my cheek. No wonder he couldn't resist my charms! ;~)

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