Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All aboard!

Yesterday was an exciting one. The boys and I headed out bright and early for a drive up-island to the forest museum. They have a real steam train which we planned to ride all day long! You can imagine the excitement as we set out. First stop, Tim Horton's for tea and timbits! And then up onto the highway and over the Malahat.

I guess all the excitement wore them out before we'd even got started!

Even Dylan fell asleep, and we'd only been on the road for about half an hour!

Once we arrived, they were wide awake and ready to go. We met up with our friends, Sheila and Lee, and their little boy Noah, and headed for the platform. We got on the train and headed for the picnic area.

The picnic area has a great playground. The boys had fun playing while we got our lunch all set up on the picnic table.

It was super hot in the Cowichan Valley yesterday. Can you tell just by looking at me?

We tried the indoor and the open-air carriages. Sawyer loved both.

Here they are on the platform again, ready for ride number 3! Remember the engineer hats from Dylan's 4th birthday party?

The little red caboose...

...which had photo opportunity written all over it!

As did this giant railway crossing sign!

Sheila hung out in the old school house with Sawyer so Dylan and I could climb up to the lookout tower with Lee and Noah. The view was amazing. Dylan was especially excited to be able to see our van in the parking lot!

Yay! We made it! Now do not lean on that flimsy chain link, Dylan!!! It's a long way down.

Next we wandered around the grounds and discovered this apple orchard. Yum!

One last ride on the rails before heading home again...

We have a had a few very busy days. I think today I'll make a big jug of iced tea and we'll just hang out at home, have lunch in the garden, read some books... Sometimes lazy summer days are the best.

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