Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning at the park

On Tuesday morning, we headed out bright and early to the park. It's been so hot in the afternoons lately, so we've been trying to get in a lot of outdoor fun early in the day. The boys had lots of fun playing on the slide and the swings.

Dylan is learning how to "pump" on his own, so I don't always have to push him, and so he can decide just how high he wants to go.

Sawyer was so proud of himself for going on a "big kid" swing. He wants so much to be like his big brother. "I really big boy, Mummy!" he kept telling me.

On the walk there, he also had to follow Dylan up onto every rock. They fancy themselves quite the little mountain climbers!

Dylan got to ride his bike there and back. He wasn't as keen on riding on the trail as he was on the roads. His training wheels make it tricky, and his back wheel just spins if he hits a groove in the gravel. He's getting better at it though, and had to admit it was easier than he expected. And the trail is just so much prettier than the roadside!

I think we'll be doing this sort of thing a lot more often this summer. Our next destination... the beach at Langford Lake, not too far from home at all.

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