Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surprise trolley ride!

I got the boys up from their naps Tuesday afternoon and asked them if they'd like to go somewhere for a surprise. Of course they were super keen, got ready and off we went down the road. They kept trying to guess what the surprise was, and were so excited when we arrived at our destination- the trolley bus stop! And imagine how shocked they were when we got on and discovered Auntie Amanda, Uncle Philip, Thomas and Kilian in the back seats (pre-planned by Amanda and me... the Jungens live a good 40 minute drive away and aren't likely to just be hanging around in Langford)! We rode around for half an hour, went to the mall for a drink and some groceries, and then caught the trolley home again. They were absolutely thrilled! It's the little things that make them happy.


PS: Oh, and by the way, Dylan doesn't ride in a stroller! He just thought it might make a good place to "sit and rest" while waiting for the trolley to arrive. And since Sawyer was refusing to sit in it, I figured, why not?!

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