Thursday, July 16, 2009

Secret, splash, DQ

On a hot Thursday night, here's my 3BT...
1. I have something really exciting up my sleeve, and am dying to tell someone!
2. Watching the kids at the new splash park today, running in and out of the streams of water and shrieking with laughter.
3. After the gym tonight, a quick trip to Dairy Queen. Alan was very pleased with his Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard! (and my fat-free, frozen, non-dairy dessert was pleasantly chocolatey, too...)

Good-night, all.


  1. Where's the new splash park? And something exciting to long do we have to wait?...maybe 12 weeks?????

  2. Oh no no! It's nothing like that. I should be able to spill by tomorrow!

    And the splash park is off Langford Parkway, in the new Family Fun Park by the soccer stadium. A quick walk down the trail from our house!


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