Monday, February 13, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

It was a busy one, full of preschool commitments, housework, grocery shopping and errand running. The boys and I built a giant Trio castle {Trios is sort of like Lego, have you heard of it?}, baked cupcakes for their upcoming Valentine's Day parties at school, went to my mom's to visit and play with the cousins. I went running twice and to the gym once, and enjoyed the compliments I got about looking trimmer {and like I've lost more than just the 4 lbs so far- hooray!} My sister and I made a big list of all the things we must do in NYC, and Mom booked us tickets to see Chicago on Broadway! On Sunday, Kelly {one of my dearest friends} called to say she was in town and did I want to meet her for tea? What a fabulous surprise that was, and yes, of course I did! It was the highlight of my weekend. What was yours?

 Boy with balloon

 Snowdrops in our garden mean spring is on its way

 The "how tall?" wall at Grandma & Grandpa's house

 Sawyer & Isabel try out the top bunk

Rain clouds + lamp post

 Heart shaped candy boxes fill the shelves on Saturday night

 Pretty pink cupcakes

And I was excited about my Stabucks cup!

Valentine bouquets outside the grocery store

PS: Em was here a year ago today. Wish I had a time machine...


  1. you just reminded me its Valentines day tomorrow and i havent got a card for my Mr! I think i will make one, i had a quiet weekend apart from a gig on Sat night we didnt get home till 3.30am. I'm too old for all that haha!

  2. So pleased to see another 'how tall' wall - they are great fun. Sorry to not be a part of the weekend - oh for Sam and me to have called in for tea!

  3. Those cupcakes are perfect for Valentine's Day! I hope your boys have fun celebrating the holiday. And that you do too! :)

  4. wow those are massive bunches of flowers! i hope i get a bouquet of flowers tomorrow and you definitely need chocolate too

  5. Sounds like a busy weekend Erin! I am so excited for you and your trip to New York. Chicago will be amazing. I hope you had a fabulous valentines day x

  6. Hello my lovely friend - thank you so much for meeting with me too! Sorry it was spur of the moment but you know me seems to be the way it works right now - I love all your pictures especially the snowdrop its beautiful - Letter to come soon Love and Hugs K

    1. It was sooo good to see you! I'll be writing soon, too, I promise. xo


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