Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scenes from Valentine's Day

It was a pretty great Valentine's Day around here {even though someone got confused and thought that it was on Tuesday...} Em came to celebrate with us!

Here she is sporting a fantastic card/name badge made for her by Dylan {seriously! could she be any cuter?}

She addressed cards for Sawyer and helped Dylan with his list of classmates

We had a tasty {and festive} Valentine breakfast and opened presents before the boys headed off to school and work

 Then it was just us girls!!! We got London Fogs, and went to the spa school for cheap {but fabulous} pedicures... I still look sleepy here, don't I? That's what happens when you stay up late every night chatting away until all hours!

 We enjoyed relaxing in the big chairs and reading about all the Hollywood gossip and what Oprah knows for sure. 

 Look at those pampered feet! Em went with candy apple red and I had a hot pink/gold sparkle combo. Oh, and can I just say how freezing my feet were once we headed outside?!

 After an afternoon of lunch and shopping downtown, we headed out to pick up Sawyer who had been indulging in some festive face-painting...

 Then we came home, got a fire going, made homemade pizzas, and hung out with all the Pugh boys. Always a good time, noisy though it might be.

It was a lovely day. And at the end of it, Alan stayed home with the kids and we went out to the movies. So much fun to swoon together over Colin Firth in The King's Speech!

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day too, and got to celebrate with the ones you love.

A few more photos from Em's visit coming soon. Right now, Dylan and I have a tower of blocks to construct. Happy Wednesday!


  1. You two ladies clearly had a blast! I don't think there's a better way to spend Valentine's Day than with your family and best friend.

  2. oh i love all the pink and red and hearts. i didn't think about vday that much this year (now that i think about it, i did) either way, i am loving the various ways that everyone celebrates!

  3. LOVING your toes! i can't think of a better way to celebrate heart day then with a best friend who lives an ocean away...

    oh wait, but you did think of a better way! including the Pugh boys... oh and let's not forget including Colin into the mix! ;)

    what i know for sure (and i think Ms. Oprah will agree!) is lifelong friendships that will always feel like family. i'm so glad you and Em have each other xoxo

  4. Loved looking at all your Valentine's Day photos! :) So glad you got to spend the holiday of love with all the special people in your life including your Em! :) Sounds like you girls had a fabulous time :)

  5. So much fun! Can we do it all again?

    I miss you T H I S M U C H !!!!


  6. I love how you do Valentines. For a house filled with boys you sure do pink well! And how nice you got to have Em there to celebrate with too - you girls both have such pretty feet!



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