Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl time, the king, pedicured

Even though I seem to be developing a nasty cold {yet again}, here's a happy Tuesday morning 3BT:

1. Em is making mousse au chocolat while we drink tea and chat. Yay to all three!

So, it's pretty cold in our house today. Hence the scarf!

2. We saw The King's Speech last night and I can't stop thinking about it. Colin Firth was amazing.

3. Our sparkly toenails look fantastic. Inside our slippers, anyway... {why does February have to be so cold?}


  1. Yay for you! I couldn't be much more jealous of pedicures and chats with a girlfriend while snuggled up inside today. I've been too busy to even breathe, so I am longing for a break like that!

  2. Sounds like the perfect February tonics (all three)!

  3. i'm sooo glad Em's there!!! :) mmmm i want some of her cooking!

    KING'S SPEECH-- Wasn't it just AMAZING?!!?!?! our Colin... man oh man, SUCH talent.

    pedicures are the best... with a girlfriend to chat with while having one? EVEN BETTER!!!


  4. Cute! Girl time is sounding lovely!

  5. That sounds like a trifecta of awesomeness if I've ever heard of one! So glad you're having fun together :)

  6. Standing by for the mousse report...

    Miss you already! XOXO!

  7. YAY! Sparkly pedicures sound sooo lovely, especially when shared with a best friend!

    And Colin Firth. He will always hold my heart. I'm determined to see the Kings Speech...everyone has said the same as you!

    Enjoy your mousse...and your Em time! :)

  8. oh that is sad it's so cold right now. but i love that you two are having fun girl time anyway!


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