Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday morning daydream {tv boyfriend edition}

Dreaming of spending some time on the LOST island with this man, and a mix-tape...

Is your imaginary boyfriend as adorable as my Sawyer is? I doubt it.

But hey, Happy Saturday anyway.

swoony photo via here


  1. Well! He is gorgeou, but my imaginary boyfriend is pretty sexy and could probably sing your imaginary boyfriend under the table. Just sayin'!

  2. My imaginary boyfriend C.J. Wilson is SO sexy! And he really likes your imaginary boyfriend too. He always talks about how Lost is his favourite show ever! I should prob watch it so I can discuss it with him on our imaginary dates :) hahaha we can go on imaginary double dates :)

  3. There's something even more adorable about Sawyer when he's on that gorgeous beach in Hawaii! haha.

  4. Mine changes. I am an imaginary flirt, I suppose. I could go for Ewan McGreggor just about anytime though. ;)


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