Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy things to end the week with

It's been a good week around here. Oh sure, I'm looking forward to the weekend like I always do, but there are plenty of things to feel good about on this rainy Friday morning. Things like skype dates with some of my favourite people, all the green shoots popping up all over our garden, a stack of good books to read, a tweet from a famous {and fabulous} author, several good training runs, and...

Dylan's beautiful painting of winter birds. It's still up at school, but I can't wait to frame it and get it up on my wall just as soon as he brings it home.

Plenty of playground weather for the first part of the week. Wheee!

Winter walks. Rain or shine, I walk fast for the first 30 minutes of my lunch hour every day. The fresh air feels so good. And the scenery really is quite nice.

Vintage Valentines like this one. Love it. That reminds me, I've organized a "Secret Cupid" staff gift exchange and festive potluck lunch for the 14th at school. I'm looking forward to shopping for my partner's present after work today, and to seeing all the pretty packages on the staff room table come Tuesday.

I finally got a Valentine cup at Starbucks last night! My vanilla latté tasted that much better because of it. And Em, see that letter there? It just might be for you...

Are you ending the week on a happy note, or with a festive cup from Starbucks? Perhaps you're doing both? I hope so! And I'd love to hear all about it. Leave me a comment with a link to your list, won't you please?

Happy Friday, friends!
E xo


  1. I'm not joking when I say that I thought the Winter Birds painting was made by an adult. He did a wonderful job! I'd be anxious to hang it on my wall too :)

  2. Oh, I love his bird painting! And the starbucks cup - I'm a sucker for holiday-themed fun : )

  3. I had a good friend bring me a Valentines Starbucks the other day and it was soooooo good! Happy weekend Erin! xox

  4. Dylan's painting is amazing! What a fantastic job. Hope you have a wonderful pre-Valentine's Day weekend, Erin!

  5. Dylan is quite the talented artist - adorable birdies and yes, most definitely frame worthy. I am glad to hear it has been a good week and of course after wanting your snow I now want to swap for your lovely looking weather as here the snow just won't go away!
    Hope the weekend is a great one dear xx

  6. I had a fun skype date on Friday too with my Ezgi from London :) And tweets from famous people (especially a sexy baseball pitcher I'm obsessed with!) are the BEST! I love reading your happy things :) Dylan's beautiful painting is incredible!! It's going to look so lovely framed in your home :) I wish I could do some excercise on my lunch break. I admire your dedication - rain or shine! I can't wait to read about your Valentine's Day celebrations :)


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