Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Introducing Emily

So if you read my blog {and you're here, so I'm assuming you do!} you know all about Em. She is my dearest friend in the whole wide world, and {le sigh} she lives a whole wide world away in the French Alps. But that doesn't stop us from keeping close. Em and I have been friends since university{which, despite our youthful good looks, was actually quite a long time ago now!}, and we've been through all sorts of stuff together. And while we may be very far apart, we manage to stay in touch pretty much all the time. How do we do it? Weekly phone dates, skype dates, FB chats, the occasional flight to France {or Vancouver}, and a steady flow of letters and parcels and postcards travelling back and forth across the Atlantic!

Em and me, Christmas 2009

And now, I've got another way of keeping in the loop with what's happening in Em's part of the world. Last year things got really rough and Em gave up blogging to focus on getting well again. But now she's back and better than ever, with a brand new blog, Rue de France {named after the street she lived on when she and Francois first moved to the little town of Gap} Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this and I am so glad to see Em writing again. She has a definite way with words and lots of amusing observations about life in France, and some stunning photos of the gorgeous scenery, aussi...

Won't you please stop by Rue de France, and say bonjour to her for me? Get to know my lovely friend, and visit often. You're going to love her, I promise!


  1. I'm SO excited to read Em's blog!! I feel as if I already know her just through you and all the lovely things you've shared about your beautiful friendship. Technology is such a blessing when you have family and friends all over the world. I look forward to getting to know your dear friend!

  2. I have popped over and said a huge Hello! I look forward to following a little slice of French life in the future.

  3. I'm excited to follow Emily! Thanks for hte intro! Can't wait to get to know her better :)

  4. I'd leave you a longer comment, but I'm too busy blushing like crazy.


  5. oh i'm sooo excited to get to know the lovely Em better! i hear so much about her, i can't wait to become good friends! i adore that you both have kept in touch and have been through so much together.

    it's friendships like that that make the world go round ;)

    off to say hello! xoxoxo

  6. I love long distance friendships that last. they are my bread & butter! : )

  7. Nice to have a face to the name finally. It's really wonderful you two have been able to keep in touch, especially with all that distance between you! Can't wait to check out her blog.

  8. such a precious story i will have to check out the blog!


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