Monday, November 01, 2010

Scenes from Halloween

Several snapshots taken since Friday:

"Our house is so Halloweeny, Mum!"

My gingerbread skeletons turned out great, don't you think?

Before you can begin to carve seven pumpkins, you need to scoop out their guts!

Oooh, look what's in there... yuck!

Dylan bears an uncanny resemblance to his jack o'lantern

And so does Sawyer!

"Pumpkin moonshine..."

Trick or treating at the mall

"Is that really you, Dad?"

The boys with their favourite princess, Kristina, at Starbucks

On the front steps, ready to hit the streets! Sooo excited...

Little Red Riding Hood, a dinosaur, and a pirate, at the most festive house in the neighbourhood

Sawyer did some dancing with his glowsticks at the local firehall, which held a bonfire and costume contest, and gave out free hot dogs and hot chocolate to everyone! {this sooo reminded me of my childhood, as we used to go every year on Halloween night...}

Home again, relaxing by the fire and looking through our loot!

One very happy little boy. "I am sitting in a field of candy!" he told us.

Hope your Halloween was just as exciting as ours was, but perhaps a little less exhausting ;) I'm beat!


  1. I think Dylan looks so much like you! Everyone looks adorable, and I bet Halloween is so fun when you have little kids. As for me, I stayed in and watched sports this year ;)

  2. Gingerbread skeltons = Mom of the year award. Did you think of that? I'm loving it!

    Your Halloween looks like it was busy, and so festive :)

  3. It all looks like such fun and perfectly understandable why the boys were so excited when I saw you all in the morning!!
    I adore Sawyers face on that last photo - pure contentment :)

  4. oh such a sweet post! the gingerbread skeletons are it! your boys make me smile.....with their jack-o-lanterns and in a field of candy! cute cute cute!
    happy november

  5. Erin, the boys look adorable! And I love that you too got dressed up. There's a little part of me that can't wait to have kids because I know they'll make Halloween so much more fun.

    Also, please send gingerbread skeletons. That was really such an adorable idea.

  6. Wow looks like you had a wonderful Halloween Erin, with your boys.
    Your house looks magical ;-)

  7. "a field of candy" how sweet!

    THANK YOU for your note and postcard erin. i got it last night and am so thankful. thank you as well from naaz and kushan who are going to have the best guestbook ever!

  8. i was so excited to see these and they are every bit as ADORABLE as i imagined them to be! i'm loving the pumpkin resemblances! oh i giggled!!! TOO CUTE!!!!

    i like how the boys know their fave starbucks girl ;) ha! mommy does like to go there... i love it!!!

    Gingerbread skeltons- GENIUS!

    i agree, please send some this way too ;)


    xoxo Love you!

  9. how fun. i miss those days of going door to door and racking up the chocolate. also, your gingerbread skeletons were so cute!

  10. Oh my goodness these pis are SO adorable! Looks like a very happy Halloween!

  11. What warm, beautiful and ADORABLE photos!!! Your boys are such sunshine!!! I love how into the Halloween spirit your family is! One day when your boys look back on their childhood it will full of sweet memories thanks to their adoring parents! What a fun Halloween! :)

  12. What wonderful pictures. I love the "what's in there???" picture! The skeleton cookies are awesome too. All around wonderful halloween!

  13. I looove the skeleton cookies! And those little pumpkins are adorable. I hope you guys had a fun Halloween!

  14. Awww, so cute!!!!

    What a beautiful family you have :-)

  15. why have i not stumbled across your blog before? your boys are gorgeous and i'm totally stealing your skeleton gingerbread men idea!

    can't wait to get to know you a bit more for our ornament swap!


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