Monday, November 01, 2010

Much Love Monday {1st of November}

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November! Wow. Can you believe it? It seems like we were just saying good-bye to summer and getting ready to go back to school, and here we are in November already! I'm loving November so far and here's why:
  • Micaela's just posted about her second annual Christmas ornament swap! I can't wait to see who my partner will be and start shopping for the perfect decoration! {sign up by clicking the button on my sidebar and visiting M's blog- better be quick about it though! you've only got until November 7th...}
  • I've got a phone date with Em this morning. France to Canada long-distance calls always make me happy!
  • Cassie is blogging again! Won't you go say hello to my sweet friend in Suffolk?
  • Kelly and her clan are coming down to the island next week. Yay! We're planning a giant, noisy dinner with our two families {5 kids under the age of 9, 4 of them boys...} and I just can't wait!!! {the two of us are going to go Christmas shopping too, once all the kids are off to bed}
  • I'm going away for a girly weekend at the end of the month. Am very excited!
  • It is pouring rain out there but I don't care. I've got my polka-dot rain boots to keep my feet dry, and the roaring fire inside to keep us warm and cozy.

You see? So much to love about November and this rainy Monday! Makes a nice change from last week, doesn't it?

Don't forget to link up on Much Love Anna if you join in. I hope you will. It's a nice way to start the week...
E xo

PS: Halloween was awesome. Photos soon, I promise!


  1. My November is looking rather full too! I have joined the ornament swap and am looking forward to beginning the Christmas shopping on Wednesday myself.

    A huge thank you for my little shout out - a little scary to post again but I am taking a deep breath and taking the plunge!

    Hope your Monday is a fabulous one dear friend.

  2. Glad to hear this Monday is turning out better than last week:)

  3. i'm so excited it's november! you've got lots of things to be happy about :)

  4. This is so similar to my "happy" list at the moment. So excited about the ornament swap! And was also delighted to see that Cassie had blogged last night. I am going on a girls weekend at the end of the month to - heading to Melbourne for four days with my high school besties so excited!

  5. fun! i'm super excited about november too. i also loved today because it was one of those rare days when i got a ton of stuff done AND had fun! what? that never happens. so thanks november... and monday!

    glad you have so much to love today too!

  6. Happy November, Erin! Isn't it exciting? Glad you had so much loveliness planned for the day. And that photograph is precisely where I'd love to be right now! I've been caught up in grading papers all day and all I want to do now is pass out!


    thank you soooo very much for posting about my ornament swap. can you believe that's how we met? i can't imagine not having you in my life! :)

    good to have cassie back, i am off to say hello to your blog bestie ;)

    love love love xo

  8. YIPPY. YIPPY, YIPPY - 9 more days !!! I told Ed we are leaving at the crack of stupid (5am)so you better be ready or I leave without you!!! SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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