Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Monday rant

image via owlsandhats

My Monday is off to a terrible start. The morning has included such charming things as grumbling, shouting, tears, and stepping out of the van into a shin-deep puddle {never mind that we didn't even get to school on time}. Sigh. Needless to say, am in no mood to put together a Much Love Monday post right now. Instead, I'm going to light a fire, sit on the couch with Sawyer {who is quite happy to watch a Balamory or two while Mummy simmers down}, stare out the window at the rain and drink a cup of tea. Soon enough it will be time to get up and tackle a million little jobs. But for now, for a few minutes, I need this break. Hope your Monday's off to a better start than mine.

E xo

Oh, and note to self: Wear rainboots next time you leave the house.


  1. O dear, what a start! Mine has been OK except I never knew putting things to sell on ebay was such a chore! Nearly gave up before I started. Got there in the end though. All I need is to sell them now. Hope tomorrow brings you sunshine in more ways than one and if not back to the settee I think!

  2. oh no! i'm sorry you're having "one of those days." but it's okay if you don't do a much love monday post, because i can do a much love monday comment right here:


    Much Love Monday
    today i'd like to share how much i love erin and her blog. not only is it full of beautiful pictures {even on horrible awful no good very bad days}, but she can also be totally honest about her humanity. life is never cupcakes and tea all the time, so why should we try to pretend it is? embracing the grumpiness and drawing out the humor is the way to go, and just what erin does! thanks erin for showing us all it's okay to have a bad day!

    ps - i hope your monday turns right around soon though!

  3. Oh I hope that your day gets much better. I hate when the day doesnt start out right - hang in there it can only get better.

  4. I'm with you...I parked my car out on the street last night, so my VERY DARK trek, at 6:30 am, into more than one puddle, was IN MY SANDALS!!

  5. Awww! :( That sounds like my Thursday last week. I hope you were able to get some "me time" and that the day got better!!

  6. hello friend,
    just wanted to send you a monday hug.

  7. Oh Erin. I think a fire and a cup of tea were precisely what you need. And clothing that's not wet. Hope your day picked up and you're bundled up and warm inside now.

  8. Here's to a better Tuesday sweet Erin!! So sorry for your terrible case of the Mondays :( Hugs!!!

  9. Hope your Tuesday is better! Keep calm!

  10. oh my darling, i hope your tuesday is better, MUCH better!

    always invest in a good pair of rainboots-- mine are pink! and came in handy (as you know) when our basement flooded a few weeks ago.. argh!

    i just know your tuesday is better. i just know it :)

    ps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the halloween card with the most ADORABLE drawings on it! really, it made my day!!! LOVELY!!!

    much love to you and the boys xo

  11. Ugh, no fun! I hope your Tuesday is going better than your Monday!

  12. Oh Noo! Would you hate me if i told you we had a lovely sunny day yesterday?! Making up for it today though..hasn't stoped raining yet!

  13. Oh dear, Mondays do have a way of knocking the stuffing out of you don't they! I love that welly pic though :)


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