Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday on the farm

There are few things more festive during the fall than a trip to the farm. Yesterday, the boys and I headed to Oldfield Orchard with my mom, Auntie Pat, Philip, Thomas and Kilian. We had a great time, though too rushed {we were part of a large group that went by bus, and we had to meet back at a certain time if we didn't want to miss our ride home!} Next year we'll go earlier and stay longer.

It was supposed to rain but the weather ended up being lovely. Look at that blue sky!

I love a pile of pumpkins...

And a close-up self-portrait of me with one of my boys!

There was a "cow train" and the boys just had to go for a ride {thanks to Auntie Pat for buying their tickets}

Dylan took Buttercup for a spin

and Sawyer grinned for a full five-minutes as his cow, Daisy, followed the tractor around the field!

We played pumpkin bowling

...and admired the crunchy apples.

We decided on hot dogs and french fries for lunch.

All that fresh air made us hungry!

Dylan and Thomas enjoyed some cousin time...

So did Sawyer and Kilian.

And we got ourselves a few more pumpkins {we're now at 6! I think that's enough, don't you?}

Me and the boys heading back to the bus

And stopping for a photo with the "pumpkin boy" on our way out.

Such a fun Saturday! Today's been good in a completely different way. We've spent the day at home, cleaning and doing laundry {me}, gardening and building a trellis {Alan}, and constructing a "really spooky" haunted house in the living room {the boys}. The boys drew and cut out lots of ghosts, and decorated the window with bright orange spiders and sparkly webs. I made two delicious soups, we read a huge stack of books, and Alan and I sat on the couch after the boys went to bed, drinking wine and watching QI. It's been nice, all of it.

And how about you, my lovelies? What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. My kind of weekend! An active Saturday and a quiet Sunday at home.
    Love, love, love the cow train!
    Have a fab week!
    PS. If you talk to Cassie tell her I said 'hi!'.

  2. It looks like you had an excellent weekend. I love that photo of you and Dylan, and the "cow train" ride is too cute. I spent Saturday in Los Angeles at a foodie event and had so much fun (I also ended up with a really full belly). And yesterday ended up being a work day. Have a great start to your week, Erin!

  3. Pumpkin patches are SO fun! We don't have one here... which makes me sad that my kids won't experience them too much. We'll have to live vicariously through your photos! :)

  4. am so loving everyone's harvesty posts. thank you for sharing this beautiful family outing and the memories you made!

  5. What beautiful pictures!!!! I really love the one of you and all the boys :) You are gorgeous Erin! Looks like everyone had so much fun! The expressions on the boy's faces is priceless :) I just LOVE October as much as you do and these photos are why!

  6. oh i love farm visits! i was actually born on a farm in wisconsin and my uncles had farms for many many years. gasp! i know, i'm totally a city girl now. but i LOVE getting to go to fall festivals and county fairs and see the cows and play in the hay bales. it brings back so many amazing childhood memories - memories you're giving your boys! i'm so happy for them that they get such a cool momma! :)


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