Friday, October 22, 2010

Flowers for your Friday {and 3BT, too}

It's Friday night, and the end of a long, busy, fun-filled week. I was at a professional development workshop all day today, then out grocery shopping {and Christmas shopping! the UK deadline for surface mail is next week!} and tea-drinking. We've only recently got home and tucked the boys into bed, and finally I'm able to hop online for a moment or two!

Alan and I are just about to sit down to watch a movie and rest up for a busy weekend ahead, one that includes a trip to the farm {to partake in hayrides and haunted houses, corn mazes and pumpkin patches}, some serious cooking {inspired by Jamie Oliver} and soup-making {inspired by a french monk}, and the prep work for an exciting living room renovation {ooh, wait till I tell you all about it! I'm so excited!} So anyway, not much time to write... But I wanted to say a quick hello and wish you all a really wonderful weekend. I'll leave you with three beautiful things before I sign off. Here they are:

1. The boys have set up a play library in the living room, complete with book displays, a check out counter, and "a place to keep your cup of tea." Aah, they make their mama proud!

2. Last night I spent some time all by myself in the Papery. It was just me and miles of stationery. I was in paper heaven {and I just had to buy a few Belle and Boo Christmas cards...}

3. Discovered some great new children's books at the teachers' event I went to last night, and at today's workshop. Really fabulous ones, both novels and picture books, that will make you laugh, cry or both. I'll share some with you here on the blog if you'd like. Shall I get back in the habit of doing book reviews? {I love writing them, but don't want to bore anybody!}

Have you got 3BT to share on this dark autumn night? I'd love to hear.

Good-night, my sweets! Happy Weekend, wherever you are...
Erin xo

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  1. The play library is TOO CUTE!! : ) And I have to say I'm way jealous about the stationery store time. I love paper sooooo mcuh! lol

  2. A play library is brilliant! And I would love to come along to the farm, but instead I'll be driving up to LA today. Have a great weekend, Erin!!

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful Halloween card, Erin. It was such a pleasure to open the envelope and see the spooky confetti falling on the floor. And the card is fantastic! Thanks again and happy fall! xo, Britta

  4. I love your book reviews, esp when they coincide w books we know and love also.

  5. The play library is so cute!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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