Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I'm a big fan of vintage postcards, and of Halloween, so I couldn't resist sharing these... Aren't they darling? {Alan thinks they're creepy, but I say they're cute}

via tumblr

We're having a fun Halloween weekend so far, with pumpkin carving, chocolate-making {skulls and pumpkins}, costume-wearing and an awesome preschool party. Tomorrow we're planning to show off our costumes to the Irish cousins {hurrah for Skype!}, hang out with some friends, and then trick-or-treat the night away. How about you? Enjoying some festive Halloween fun in your part of the world?


  1. Happy Halloween to you as well! You have lots of fun plans for the day - very creative!

  2. oh, i'm sorry, but i'd have to agree with alan on the postcards... but creepy is perfect for halloween! :) hope you and your boys have a great one!

  3. i actually think those postcards are cute! and yeah for skype. i did the same thing with my family!

  4. oh, we do miss all the fun here! but there was a little text in the English school book about Halloween so I got the chance to tell my pupils about it and proudly show them my salt-dough pumpkins and ghosts.

  5. Hurrah for Skype I say too, otherwise I wouldn't have seen those super scary two little boys!

    Looking forward to seeing photos too.


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