Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is my Tuesday {vacation}

I love the weekly photo project, This is my Tuesday, over on Red Boots.

This week the theme is vacation. I feel as though we've only just got back from our trip to England this summer, but already we've been home two months. Time just keeps on flying by!

Us Pughs up high, August 2010

This was a trip I'll never forget. It was busy and exciting and hectic and exhausting. It was challenging and expensive, happy and sad, and most of all really rather wonderful. The best bit was that we did it all as a family, and we really came together as one strong unit. We had some pretty amazing adventures. Like climbing up on the lions in Trafalgar Square. I don't think either of our boys will ever forget it! {confession: one day I am hoping to go on a vacation that is all about relaxing and lounging by a pool... but I do love my lovely London, bustling and full of so many things to see and do! it's just that sometimes this busy mum would really like a break}

My thanks to the lovely Wendy of Red Boots for this fun photo project. I'm looking forward to next week's theme... family. Won't you play along?

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  1. Oh, Erin. I could look at your London photos for DAYS. Someday when I go, I'll email you for the "dos and don'ts" of London, because it seems like you hit all the great stuff!

    And, I agree with you about loungy vacations. Someday I want one. But, I sort of enjoy the bustle of sightseeing, maps and photo-opps. But, then again, a pool and daiquiri doesn't sound like a bad deal. :)


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