Wednesday, February 01, 2012

E & me {scarf}

Hooray! January is over! It's February now, and that means spring will soon be on its way {as well as big bowls full of cinnamon hearts}. 

In the meantime {even though we're both dreaming of springtime}, Em and I are well aware that it's still winter, and we're dressing accordingly. Hence, this week's E & me theme- our scarves!

One's from the Gap, one is handmade, and they both do the job of keeping us warm and cozy on a cold winter's day. It's pretty obvious who's who, non? 

Do you have a collection of winter scarves? Do you even need them in your part of the world?

Do tell!


  1. oh i love a scarf! i have so many, for winter and summer, alll different colours and materials :)

  2. I love both of the colors. :) The homemade one is quite pretty. I just learned how to knit last fall and my practicum teacher from last semester wants me to join her knitting group this year. You never know what hobbies will allow you to meet other people! Hope you're staying warm Erin!

  3. I equally love things from Gap and things that are handmade, so naturally I think both scarves are great!

    I'm so excited that February is here! That means that the exciting events of 2012 are well on their way :)

  4. Thanks for the scarf compliments, girls! Alli, my friend Dawn is a super-talented knitter who made me the scarf for my birthday. Impressive, huh? I tried to learn to knit from my parents' neighbour when I was a teenager, but I was useless. Perhaps I should try again {if my fingers ever thaw out after this cold snap!}

    Greetings to all of you from the freezing cold French Alps!


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