Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy things to end the week with

Is it Friday? Please, please tell me it's Friday. I am so ready for this week to be over! I've had some really stressful stuff going on the past few days, and I'm in desperate need of some time off from it all. I'm ready for some good food, time to spend with my boys, lots of fresh air and exercise, a girly romantic comedy and a glass or two of wine. Doesn't that sound good? Makes me happy just thinking about it. Which reminds me... here are a few other happy things to end the week with:

A new trailer came out for The Hunger Games yesterday {just 50 days left now until its release!} Oh my. Can't wait!

It's February! January is a thing of the past, and the worst part of the year is over {sorry, all you January fans out there, but it's my blog and I'm allowed to hate the wretched month if I want to}. Before you know it, it'll be March. And in March, I'm going to New York!!!

beautiful Brooklyn Bridge photo via here

The groundhog is in my good books this year {am totally willing to be all superstitious about some furry little rodent if it means I can believe that there will be daffodils coming up in my garden soon}. Apparently he did not see his shadow, and that pretty much guarantees that it'll be an early spring, right? Good. Because I love the spring. 

My first {homemade} Valentine card arrived in the mail yesterday. Yay! I love that pink and red are allowed to go together in February. And I may have purchased the supplies to make some lovely little cards of my own this weekend...

festive inspiration via pinterest

Finally, I am loving Librarian Hey Girl on Tumblr, featuring photos of the oh-so-dreamy Ryan Gosling and amusing quotes about his love of the library {and the librarian...}

{You're welcome, Cassie.}

It's a short list, and a bit of a silly one, but sometimes it's the little things, right? I hope you're ending your week with all sorts of happy little things, too. Link up in the comments to let me know!
Have a fabulous weekend, friends.
Erin xo


  1. Oh you brought a big smile to my very sleep deprived face this morning! Thank you Mrs P, just what I needed on this cold, chilly morning.
    Hoping (fingers and everything else crossed) to catch you about at some point this weekend!

  2. haha! that last one caused a great LOL to escape me! : )

  3. Yay for being that much closer to spring! The Gosling photos making the internet rounds keep making me laugh.out.loud. Happy weekend :-)

  4. Man, I really need to start The Hunger Games don't I? I think a trip to the library/bookstore is in order. Hope you are are having a wonderful weekend, friend!

  5. So the Hunger Games comes out when you're in NYC. Are you going to go? Can I PLEASE come along? I'm so excited about this movie. Like wow.

    You also need to be following this twitter genius:!/GoslingLitAgent
    Trust me.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, my dear! Looking forward to our chat this coming week!

  6. Um, I hadn't seen the new trailor?! Where have I been? it looks amazing!

    I love the spring photo too :) I hope it is early

  7. i always enjoy your happy lists! :) these are where the "silly" fun things should go because you're absolutely right-- it's always about the little things.

    I really am missing out not reading "The Hunger Games" aren't i?

    oh to go to NYC with you and your mom! such a magical city - and mainly because it would mean that i would get to hug kary and miguelito again. It's coming soon! :)

    ps. your weekends always sound like THE PERFECT ones.


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