Sunday, February 05, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

What a weekend it was. The sun shone from Friday right on through, and it felt positively spring-like. I loved it, and took many walks to soak up the vitamin D and smile at the big blue sky. Had all sorts of van troubles, but with the help of my dad, got them sorted out without spending my life savings to fix them {thank god for my dad, seriously}. We spent a lot of time at the mall, checking out all the displays at the annual hobby fair {trains! boats! a giant telescope!} and taking ourselves to Starbucks for tea whenever we needed some refreshment. We worked on our Valentines and played in the garden and hung out for hours with my mom. I went running twice, and got to talk with a few of my favourite people. What did you get up to this weekend?  I have to say, I didn't turn on the tv once. I hear there was some sort of sporting event on... Did you see it?

 Sawyer, sending some love in the mail

You can never have too many stamps

Model trains!

 Even better... Model trains that kids are allowed to operate!

 Enjoying a walk through the woods

 Blue water + blue sky = happy me

 A cuddle with Mummy after a good, long nap {love those rosy cheeks}

 Dylan and Grampa checking out the treetops with his telescope

 February flowers in our garden!

 Boys on bikes

 Celebrating World Nutella Day- yum!

Plenty of paper hearts 


  1. lovely! your scenery is a bit different to ours, it's all white here now!

  2. You always have such packed weekends. Your little boys red cheeks are pinchable :) I love eating nutella.

    Those little Valentine's looks so pretty. I adore those pretty cards.

  3. those precious rosy cheeks-- such a sweet photo of you two!! <3

    mmm nutella! and of course that last photo makes my heart swoon. right, i need to get on my handmade valentines so they can actually make it in time, no?


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