Monday, January 30, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

I feel like every weekend lately is low-key and spent mostly indoors. It seems as though it's always raining, and I'm always trying to catch up on housework and keep the kids entertained. Getting out on my own once in a while is my saving grace. I love meeting up with friends for coffee or dinner, working out at the gym, sitting in Starbucks writing a letter. I took the boys to my parents' house twice this weekend, and it was great to watch them play and race around with their cousins. These are the things that are helping to get me through the winter. I could really use some sunshine now though, and an early spring {you hear that, groundhog?} My seasonally affective disordered self has had enough!

Anyway, here are some scenes from my not-too-bad weekend. Enjoy.

 We went to visit my grandpa on Saturday morning. I love this wedding photo of him and my grandma. 

Alan takes an all-day nap! {here's hoping I don't get what he had...}

 Getting ready for my Saturday night run.

 The boys built a castle in their bedroom.

Grey skies and bare branches outside my office window.

 Filling in forms {Sawyer's now registered for French immersion kindergarten!}

 The boys and I played Monopoly Jr for ages.

 "I'm a piano man!" {at my mom & dad's, Sunday night}

 Hanging out with Grandpa

 Alan's been working on this puzzle for days. I've been helping. It's so hard!

Dylan made me a robot for the desk in my office. I wonder if it does housework?

How was your weekend? Are you happy it was the last one of January? I sure am.


  1. That wedding photo is so sweet. I seriously think they just don't make wedding photos (or weddings!) like they used to. :)

    Loving Dylan's robot...if it does do housework, perhaps he could sell one to me? :)

  2. we havent been doing much on the weekends lately but i'm just enjoying the fact i dont have to worry about work as i'm just working my notice during the week yey!!

  3. I love cosy weekends like this and we seem to be having lots at the moment as the weather has finally turned cold!
    Hope Alan feels better soon and that the rest of you don't catch it - yuck.
    PS: Oh and I agree with Bethany - can Dylan send me a robot too if it does indeed do housework!

  4. I think low key weekends are a good thing. I'm honestly longing for one where I have nothing to do (yeah, right, that will never happen). I'm not even sure what I did this past weekend. There was a dinner with a friend at a Lebanese restaurant, followed by a concert. An impromptu trip to a fun store followed by soup making. All in all, a good one. Hope Alan is feeling better and you're finding some time for yourself!

  5. Such a lovely cozy weekend!! I feel you about playing monopoly! Omg! Is that game long, you can never play it for less than half an hour! lol! Those are our memories with our boys :)
    Love their castle!



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