Thursday, September 22, 2011

It was the summer of...

signs of fall in our garden

Today is the last official day of summer. Tomorrow it will be fall.
Like I did last year, here's a look back at what we did {and how awesome it was!}

Summer 2011// It was the summer of...

blogger meet-ups
crowds and fireworks and a really big cake

sleeping in
wearing my nightie till half past noon

rainy days and pots of tea
trips to the library
Charlotte's Web

Harry Potter
Hogwarts robes
magic wands at the movies

girls' night out {more than once!}
Bridesmaids, laughing our heads off
sharing slices of cheesecake and chocolate
Crazy, Stupid, Love

long walks and trolley rides

an early morning on the ferry
a family road trip
driving through the desert, heading for the lake

sister time
much needed independence for the kids
so much delicious food to eat
playing in the lake, lounging on the shore
relaxing, reading, sipping lattes

lip gloss

a side-trip to visit cousins
cruising the lake on the boat
ice cream cones and trampolines

home again
hot weather, sunshine, and slurpees
reunions with old friends
mini-golf and cupcakes
late nights catching up...

sitting around the campfire
baileys in hot chocolate.

beach time
sandcastles and driftwood forts
picnics on the sand

etsy shopping
letter writing
parcel sending

fondue with friends
bike rides {no more training wheels!}
family swims at the pool

more preschool work than I care to think about
painting my new desk, hanging out in my pretty office

setting up my classroom
construction paper apples on bulletin boards

picking blackberries
baking pies
back to school shopping {my these boys have grown!}

the harbour ferry
pirate ships
fish & chips

a return to routine
early morning wake-ups

pumpkins and sunflowers growing in the garden
stacking firewood
pumpkin spice lattes {hurrah!}

getting excited to welcome back the fall

What was yours the summer of?


  1. sounds like such a wonderful summer! so sad to see it come to a close, but YES for fall and all its delicious crispness. did you like crazy, stupid love? i LOVED it:)

  2. Excellent! Will you judge me if I say my favorite thing on the list may be Harry Potter? hah. I'm a nerd!

    Your summer had so many good, fun times. I'm glad you could get so many activities in. I hope your fall is just as exciting!

    My summer was filled with classes and a mix of boring nothingness here and there. It's a little sad. Hah. I'm hoping for a busier fall!

  3. Is it really a year since you last wrote this list - scary where time goes!

    You certainly packed this summer full to the brim. And I am very envious of your very crunchy looking leaves!

  4. Yours was a good summer. Mine was summer of
    slow days

    Here's to what fall brings us!

  5. What a summer indeed! Mine was my favorite of all time, and by all time, I mean in my adult life (because I'm quite certain that every summer as a kid was magic).


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