Monday, September 20, 2010

It was the summer of...

Farewell, flip-flops... See you next year!

Summer ends today. Tomorrow is the first day of fall. You can feel it in the air, and I'm ready for it.

Summer 2010// It was the summer of...

sleeping in and lounging 'round
hot days spent in the sun
picnics on the beach
girly sleepovers and fruity drinks
gossip mags and chatting late into the night

going to the movies
vampires and werewolves and plenty of action (and free popcorn!)

pirate birthday parties, mini-golf, parades and playdates at the park
crayons and colouring books and playdough
Starbucks' dates and green tea lemonade

peppa pig by day
glee by night {22 episodes in 3 weeks!}

blogging and tumbling
and skyping all the time

wearing plenty of sunscreen
and flip-flops every day
staying up late, reading stacks of books

water fights
watering the lawn

hospitals and waiting and worry
loving my family
running for distraction

pedicures and martinis
patio lanterns
dancing the night away
spending time with my dearest friend and laughing till I cried
saying good-bye again

excitement, anticipation and counting down the days

riding the ferry, taking the bus
travelling across the sea
english accents and cups of tea
daily train rides and excitement that knew no bounds

reunions and joy
cousins and cuddles
insults, anger, complete disbelief
and finding somewhere else to stay

keeping calm and carrying on
not knowing what to say

turning it into an adventure
building blanket forts all over the hotel room
walking in the rain, running in the park, eating pot noodle
sending postcards and loving london

so many cancelled plans and plenty of tears
but being a team and being connected
and dealing with it together
made it so much better

seeing friends, seeing the sites,
and blogger meet-ups at long last

coming home and settling in again
battling the jetlag that lasted for days on end

back-to-school shopping and packing lunches
evening light that doesn't last as long as it once did
sunflowers as high as your head
picking berries and baking pies and
looking forward to the fall...

What was yours the summer of?

* thanks to marta for this great idea...


  1. Mine was the summer of family. Our huge and spread out family finally was able to get together after 11 years of not being together. I will cherish those memories forever! I am thankful that despite the time and distance we are all SO extremely close! :) I can't wait for the joyful homecoming this weekend as our brother Marco returns from Iraq. Words can't begin to describe my happiness! And although my summer did not take me over the sea (I wish!!!) it did take me to my second favourite place - the beach. It was a very wonderful summer! Thanks for sharing your summer memories. I loved it!

  2. What a fabulous post and what a busy summer you have had. I hadn't realised I had missed so many of your adventures, so am busy catching up now. Although I have lived in England all my life its funny how someone else's view of it can make it so much more interesting.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, look what extra pleasure it has given me!
    Jenny x

  3. Noooo I'm not ready for it to be over!

    That having been said, this is a beautiful post.

  4. i really must catch up on you my sweets but this list? absolutely divine!!!

    my summer included werewolves and a sexy vampire as well ;)

    my summer was filled with all my family under my parent's roof... marco safe from iraq, my oldest seester finding love again, and kisses and cuddles from my nieces and nephew.

    it was the summer of reading Eat Pray Love and experiencing my "forehead on the bathroom floor" moment.

    it was the summer of figuring it all out... but not without major heartache and tears along the way.

    it was the summer of thrift shops, coffee dates.

    love letters.

    i shall welcome fall with open arms... it is my favorite season! xoxo

  5. Well said in so many ways. I hope it was read and fully understood by those who should.

  6. The summer of 2010 really was pretty amazing, wasn't it?

    Beautiful post!


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