Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fill your well

I'm guest-posting today on one of my favourite blogs in the whole wide world, Fill Your Well! Lovely Kim is off to Thailand on her honeymoon, so I've written a little something about love while she's away {and did I mention that my post will involve balloons and dancing and riding chair lifts up a mountain?!}

Want to see some photos of me on my honeymoon, circa 2002? Come take a look!

image via e-tells-tales


  1. Thanks for visiting Marta's blog and commenting on my guest post today! I'm so glad you enjoyed the list.

  2. That's actually how I found your blog (through Fill Your Well)! I'm so happy for her and I'll be reading your guest post shortly!

  3. just read your post through happy tears! how absolutely beautiful!


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