Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy things to end the week with

I have to say, I'm really glad this week is over. I have been feeling pretty rough the last few days, with a sore throat and constant headache. I'm looking forward to resting up this weekend, drinking tea & honey, and feeling a whole lot better by the time Monday rolls around.

Here are some happy things to end the week with:

 An after-school walk to the lake with the boys yesterday, so they could sail their "boats" {plastic biscuit trays they rescued from the recycle box and tied ribbons onto}

A little girl in my class actually brought me an apple yesterday! An apple for the teacher. Awesome.

Reading One Day and loving it so far.

My pretty new button rings from Robin's Etsy shop. Getting loads of compliments on them!

I made homemade pizza for dinner tonight, with spinach, feta, fresh basil and tomatoes from our garden. Sooo good.

The return of a few of my favourite shows. Things like Parenthood, Glee, Fringe, The Office... {did you see The Office last night? Hilarious!}

Reflections like this on the lake. It's like a painting, isn't it? Right up the road from my house.

And have I mentioned the tea and honey? And my bed, where I'm propped up on the pillows right now. Here's hoping a good night's sleep will kick this cold in the ass.

Good-night, lovely friends. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Have you got big plans?

E xo


  1. Beautiful photographs Erin - so pretty and still so green too.

    Hope the tea, honey and bed helped you feel better, it is truly rotten to be back to school and catch a bug so quickly.

    Take care and catch up over the weekend I hope.

  2. I love reading your lists like this! I'm sorry you have a cold and I hope you feel better soon but I'm glad that you had a good week overall. I'm glad you're saying good things about One Day. It's on my "To Read" list. Plus, as a teacher, I think it is the cutest thing that a little girl brought you an apple! How thoughtful!

  3. It seems like we're really on the same wavelength. I just kicked the horrible cold/sore throat I had all last week and am hoping that after another week or two, my schedule feels a little less crazy and more manageable. I didn't receive an apple from a child, but I have about 100 pounds worth from the orchard today. Hope you're feeling better, friend!


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