Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

We had a pretty low-key weekend. It rained, we hung out inside, the sun came out, we went to the park. My sore throat turned into a nasty head cold, so my giant to-do list got pared down to just one thing-"rest and get better." Alan worked on the garden shed {yay! there's so much space in the basement now that all his tools are outside!}, but I did very little. I napped during naptime on Saturday {yes, my kids still nap! yes, I am very lucky...}, and soaked in a bath full of menthol-scented bubbles during naptime on Sunday. I drank a lot of tea, read a lot of my book, and occasionally got up to put the kettle on again when my cup was empty. 

 Video games on a rainy afternoon. "Quick, Sawyer! Choose that letter!"

 Leaf rubbings. Dylan's planning to make an autumn banner.

 Alan took Dylan for a bike ride.

A red sunflower on the kitchen table.

 Planning this week's dinners.

 Autumn sunshine in the garden.

 Tea, a book, kleenex... my constant companions this weekend.

Pinterest. Even better than Tumblr!

With the exception of the brutal sinus headache and constant nose-blowing, it was quite a nice weekend. It's good to relax and get comfy once in a while, don't you think? Here's hoping I'm feeling more like myself by the end of the day though, because I've got a busy week ahead. We're baking apple crisp and making painty apple prints in Kindergarten {among other things}, I've got a few school meetings to attend {at least none of them are at night though! that's the first week in September for me without an evening meeting!}, Dylan has soccer and the school district cross-country meet to be at, and it's my sister's birthday this week. We're going out on Friday and I don't want to miss out on the fun of a girly night out, now do I? No, I most certainly do not! And that's why I'm getting offline right now, and taking another dose of vitamin C. And maybe laying down for a bit...

How was your weekend? Do you have lots planned for the last week of September? Do tell! I feel like we haven't had a good long chat in ages. I blame work. It's totally cramping my blogging social life!

Happy Monday.
E xo


  1. Do hope that cold clears up soon, theres nothing worse for making you feel really Yuk! We had a good weekend too pottering at home Saturday and at an Antique show yesterday where I found some real cute things for my den, Hope to show them on my blog later.
    Take care and try not to over do it this week, you don't want to miss that birthday. Happy Birthday to your sister, it's a good month as it's mine this week too!

  2. Aww sorry you are feeling ill. I felt terrible Sun, i had a raging headache :( I've got One Day to read in my pile i cant wait to start it, but then i have sooo many books i cant wait to read. My life would be so much better if i could just blog and read all day haha

  3. You really have had a rotten luck to get so poorly this early into term - nasty germs!
    Love the look of your lazy weekend though and everyone deserves one like that now and then.
    Not sure how I feel about Pinterest being better than Tumblr though lady - Tumblr feels like an old friend or a mutual friend ;)!!

  4. oh man! i have been down for the count for a few days as well :( i have a nasty cough that just doesn't want to leave.... but it is nice to take it easy.

    hope you feel better!

  5. Looks like you had a nice cosy & quiet weekend. Hope you are on the mend, ma chérie. XOXO!!

  6. oh i'm so sorry you were sick, but sometimes that's exactly what we need in order to slow down and spend time doing nothing. i really hope you're feeling better this week!


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