Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy mail

Yesterday was rainy and grey. I had a dentist appointment and some errands to run {note to self: never, ever go to Wal-Mart ever again}, and was still really stuffed up and feeling gross. Add to that a sick husband asleep on the couch and it wasn't such a fabulous day. But in the afternoon, things took a turn for the better when the mailman arrived... with a parcel! It was from Cassie, and it was just exactly what we needed.

 Look at all the little packages!

 Cassie always has the prettiest ribbons and the sweetest little tags.

Here's the decoration she mentioned. Love it! It's going straight up in my office.

 And she always sends chocolate for the boys {"She's so lovely, Mum," said Dylan}

Excellent. A nice, light read. Something to distract me from the awfulness of the constant nose-blowing. I'm already well into chapter 1.

I was just thinking today that I could use a new lipbalm, Cassie! How did you know? {and wow, is this ever a fabulous lipbalm... the honey is so soothing}

There's nothing like some happy mail to perk me up on a dreary day. Thank you, sweet friend...

PS: Have you had any goodies in the mail lately?


  1. Aww Cassie always sends such lovely items. I'm sure they brightened up your day. I have a ton of mail to answer and send out. It's getting out of hand!

  2. I cannot believe that it got to you so quickly - sometimes there is no rhyme or reason behind our postal system! But I am super pleased it arrived and that it was just what the 'doctor ordered'!!
    I had thought about its contents way before you were poorly but am pleased it now came in handy. I love the lipbalm too, it is an Etsy find - they do a pumpkin cheesecake apparently, must try that soon!

  3. oh what a fun surprise to get a package like that in the mail! and i'm so sorry you went to wal-mart. i refuse to ever step foot in that store. i used to work for the law firm that represents wal-mart so i've had to work with the people at the top. they're awful and their business practices are just as awful as they are. blech. anyway, i hope you and your whole family keep feeling better and better as the week goes on.

    ps - it's so great to be back in blogland and catch up with all of you my blogger friends. how is it going teaching this year? do you love your new classes?


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