Wednesday, September 21, 2011

E & me {milk}

I have a question for you on E & me this week:

Got milk?

Em and I have! The jug in my fridge is enormous {what can I say? the boys in my family are big milk-drinkers, and 4 litres doesn't last long!}, while Em's is considerably smaller, as you can see.

Here in Canada, we like to buy our milk from the dairy case at the grocery store, where they keep it nice and cold. Not so in France! UHT is the lait du jour, and apparently it doesn't have to be refrigerated until after you've opened it. Crazy! It's not completely unheard of {I may have tried UHT milk in England once, but am attempting to block it from my memory}, but it really does not appeal to me. You?

It's drizzly and cool here tonight. I think a vanilla steamed milk is just what I need. Or maybe a London Fog {same as above, but with Earl Grey tea. Mmm...} 

Right, I'm off to fire up the espresso machine!

Hope you've had a fabulous Wednesday.


  1. ohhh... my milk has to be coooold. unless it's in something (coffee, tea, etc.) then i'm okay.

    i'm happy tomorrow is thursday. i'm ready to sleep in one of these days - the weekend is coming! : )

  2. UHT milk... well in the early 80's some German discount stores opened in Denmark, and they were only selling UHT milk, and I remember my mum buying it because it was cheap, but I honestly think my mum was the only one buying it... years later they started selling regular milk, and that was when the German stores got a lot of success in Denmark... I guess the Danes wants their milk cold!

  3. I am afraid I have been scarred in the past by European milk - ewww! UHT is just plain wrong!
    I much prefer mine in chilled cartons like yours!

  4. The milk in france wasn't actually that bad considering it was UHT (i hate the stuff here, I block it from my memory too lol) I still enjoyed my tea with it (tea is necessary)

    I actually hate milk though but my sister loves it and drinks loads, weird huh

  5. I used to go through a gallon of milk each week -- by myself! Now I get the size E has, but mine comes in a glass bottle straight from the farm.


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