Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link love

I can't wait for big piles of leaves to jump in!

I was super organized yesterday {and extremely grumpy, too, but that's a different post for a different day}. I got the recycling out to the curb, 4 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away, two healthy vegetarian dinners prepared {spinach rice gratin last night and slow-cooker veggie bean soup for tonight}, my president's binder re-organized and tidied up, lunches made and school bags packed, all before 8 pm. I gave myself permission to skip the gym and stay home for a relaxing evening of tea-drinking, a wee bit of tv watching {Location Location Location, I love you!} and a whole lot of internet browsing, all from the comfort of the fleecy blanket on my couch. Bliss, and just what I needed after that long and busy day.

I found a lot to love online last night. Check out these fabulous links...

Phrases we owe to Shakespeare on English Muse = awesome.

Autumn picnics on Kirtsy make me want to fill a thermos with hot chocolate and head for the woods.

September syllabus on Little Brown Pen has me digging out my copy of Pride and Prejudice.

This Café Days post on Mocking Bird makes me want to go to Vancouver right now.

I'd like to try this recipe for spiced chai concentrate. I'd make my own chai tea lattés all fall long.

Take me to an apple orchard like the one on Cannelle et Vanille!

I probably need this boyfriend grey wool chunky knit hat from tortillagirl's Etsy shop.

Brandi's Edibles board on Pinterest makes my mouth water... I really must make that pie in a jar.

Everything about Cassie's Autumn pinboard, including that lovely print above! {I may have repinned every single image on her board...}

What are you loving online lately?

image credit stephanie fizer coleman


  1. Found this lovely sitewww.re-foundobjects.com/shop and have bought 4 giant christmas snowflakes. Love so much on the site.

  2. Wow, sounds like you had an incredibly productive day! I hope you're able to enjoy the day grumpiness-free today! And online I'm currently loving blog posts by new moms. It's fun to read about their excitement and their adventures in motherhood. It makes me look forward to when it's going to be my turn :)

  3. go you! Oh how i love Location Location...but you knew that :)

  4. Off to check a few of these out so I can kill time... I have a paper I do not want to write!

  5. I love your links. Canille et Vanille is just so talented.

  6. Thank you for mentioning my choca-block Autumn pinboard! I just can't stop!

    Loving the new series of LLL aren't you - so great to have Kirstie back?

    Such amazing links to enjoy my coffee with too this morning - I wanted to dive straight into most of those picnic shots.

  7. You go... yay for productivity like that. Thanks for all the lovely links, especially the apple orchard post (I'm hoping we can fit it in one of these weekends soon!).


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