Monday, September 19, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

By Friday afternoon, I was more than ready for the weekend. I tidied up my desk in the library, picked Dylan up from school and then headed home to sit on the couch and do nothing for a while.

Friday night was nice. Singapore cashew curry at the Noodle Box {no way was I making dinner after the week I'd had!} Tea at my mom & dad's. Souvenirs from England and Scotland. An early night with my hot water bottle and a good book.

Saturday morning we slept in {our early riser, Dylan, was at a sleepover}. Later, we spent a few hours at the "Tough Truck Challenge" at the fall fair with Amanda & Philip and their boys. Normally not my thing, but we had free passes and couldn't resist. It was rednecky and hilarious. A total boys' paradise of big, dirty trucks doing crazy stunts. Afterwards, cotton candy and blackberry pie. An afternoon wander through the midway and promises to return on Sunday with Dad. Watching dinosaur dvds, falling asleep on the couch. Thinking about doing housework, but not getting around to much of it. Doctor Who and a glass {or two} of wine.

Sunday swimming lessons. Cobb's bakery bread and hot tea. Sawyer got stung by a bee, but was quickly calmed down with cuddles {and a chocolate scone}. Back to the fair, with Daddy in tow this time. The carousel and the bumper cars and wandering the exhibits. More naps, and a baby shower for my cousin Liz and her little Lily. Getting groceries and planning for the week ahead. I'm grateful for my Mondays off to finish getting things done before the madness begins again.

Tough trucks! Woo hoo!

I posted this photo on Facebook. My friend Charlotte wrote, "Hardcore. Awesome." Exactly the look I was going for.

 The boys loved when the excavator had to push the truck over the pile of logs and boulders.

My sister, the rocker chick.

 Ferris wheel and blue sky.

 Fair food.

Even better fair food.

 We bumped into Grandpa at the gas station,. And yes, that really is his car!

 The fair, take two!

 Spinning strawberries. Just watching them made me feel dizzy.

 Bright colours on the midway.

 Hooray for the bumper cars!

 Look out, Dylan!

A wheelbarrow full of pumpkins? It's official~ it must be fall.

How was your weekend? I want details!


  1. Even though the fair isn't you thing (not mine either) it seems like you, or the boys had a great time:)

  2. What a great post, the perfect way to spend a weekend with everyone getting something out of it!

  3. You had another packed weekend. As usual it sounds like so much fun. The photos are fantastic. Poor Sawyer but nothing beats cuddles and a chocolate scone to make you feel better :) x

  4. Looks like such a great time! Love the fair photos. Where did you get tea at a fair? That's so cool!

  5. grandpa has the coolest wheels!!!!

  6. Those photos of you & Amanda being all "rock on, monster trucks!!!" need to be printed onto mugs &/or T-shirts for Christmas presents. You sisters are bad to the bone!!

    My weekend? No truck stunts, but a beautiful classical music concert, a reunion with an old friend, a walk in the rain & some Australian cookies. Not bad at all.


  7. a full weekend at the fair! that sounds like so much fun and i bet those boys of yours loved that monster truck rally. you're so hardcore!! :) loved that picture of you.

  8. sounds like a lovely weekend! love all your pics especially the ones at the fair :)

  9. oh my goodness i'm in love with your grandpa's car.
    Sounds like you managed to chill from the frantic week!

  10. You pack as much into your weekends as you do into your weeks! That photo of you is so funny! I had a quiet weekend: went to the book signing on Friday, worked on Saturday, drove to Philly to meet a friend and go apple picking on Sunday. It was lovely. I just want another stone fruit bread pudding with almond ice cream like the one I had last night.

  11. Looks like the perfect Autumn weekend adventures to me. Those boys must have loved the stinky, rough ol'trucks I am sure!
    I haven't been on a bumper car for far too many years - really must do again soon.

  12. omg I love this, every photo is amazing and I love your hardcore photo, so much fun :)


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