Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bananas about you!

I'm loving these free sticker downloads for Valentine's Day from Twig & Thistle. Aren't they fun?

Just download, print onto label paper, cut out and voila! Super cute, sappy sweet messages to decorate the contents of your fruit bowl.

Do you love it?

 I think this one is my favourite... {and I don't even like bananas!}

On a related note, I seriously need to get going on my Valentine crafting... This time last year I was done, thanks to the motivation of a fun Valentine swap I'd signed up for. Dylan tells me there are only 10 days left till the day o'love, and I haven't so much as cut out a heart. We picked up paper doilies, stickers and ribbon from the craft store after school today. So at least I've got my supplies. It's a start.

What about you? Do you make homemade Valentines?


  1. those are really cute. last year I made cupcakegrams, and this year I plan to make cookiegrams, though I'm terribly behind.

  2. Haha! These are great! Its amazing what people come up with x

  3. What??? You don't like bananas?!?! That's just BANANAS! haha I loooove bananas :) Those are such adorable stickers :) It almost feels like Valentine's Day is going to sneak up on me this year! Especially this week that I have had off due to the weather it feels like the days have all rolled into one.

  4. These are incredible aren't they, wonder if you can buy round sticker sheets for the printer?

    I saw some great freebie notes you might like over on pinterest too: from here


  5. These are adorable! I can definitely see putting those on fruit in a kid's lunch or something like that :)


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