Friday, February 04, 2011

Flowers for your Friday

No time to write really. Just wanted to say hey, and have a wonderful weekend! I'll be taking the boys to the hobby fair at the mall {model trains! model boats! Lego!}, going for a run, doing the usual weekend grocery shopping, housework and laundry catch-up. There will also be much Valentine-card making, and {here's the best bit} I'll be enjoying an evening out with girlfriends on Saturday night, eating, drinking, laughing... It's going to be fabulous. But first I've got to get through Friday in the first grade. We're making paper lanterns and cherry blossom paintings for Chinese New Year. Good times, but I always come home in need of a nap!

Have you got big plans this weekend?
E xo


  1. Adoring this photo. :)

    Enjoy your Friday! May it be quick and painless. :) Only a few more days til Em is there....yay!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you have in store! Nothing better than a girls night out! xoxo

  3. enjoy my busy bee! sounds like an EIPICLY FABULOUS weekend!! and just so you know... i took your advice and made my valentines! with one that has your name... i'm going to try and get it in the post today (i think the roads are finally okay?) so i do apologize if it gets to your canadian home a little after heart day :(

    awww i wish i could go withyou and your girlfriends! please, i'd settle for lego land with the boys more than anything ;)


    ps. this weekend i've got LOADS of laundry to do myself and grocery shopping... perhaps a date night tonight as well and let's not forget that sunday is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY so yours truly will be set to the tv to watch the game ;) how can i be so girly and love football right?!


  4. busy lady! i hope you find some downtime too. i think we're going to go for hike, then a superbowl party on sunday. we love our US football, although after getting into rugby last year, it just doesn't excite me as much. :) anyway, our life just got ridiculously full this month so i'm hoping i can also get some alone time this weekend to mentally prepare. have any beautiful places i can escape to in your tumblr?...

    hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. The Hobby Fair sounds like boy heaven!! But I love myself a bit of Lego too so wish I could join you.

    Chinese New Year was always great for getting crafty in school and really helped the children learn about it - so hope your Friday wasn't too exhausting dear girl.


  6. I had a blast this weekend at the conference I went to (but I already mentioned that by email). Today, I think I need to head to a farmer's market.


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