Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday morning daydream

It's supposed to rain this weekend, pretty much all weekend. I'd like to spend my time here in this lovely room. Tea and books on a cozy couch by the fire? Yes, please! Ooh, perhaps we could hold a book club meeting here... {is there a fabulous book you'd like to recommend?}

Happy Saturday, my dears. Is it raining where you are?


  1. Nine posts - how can I not have read nine of your posts this week!!! I apologise hugely!

    I would love to join you in this room for a book chat, it does look cosy by the fire and with all those lovely cushions.

    I am reading a real frothy book at the moment called The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry but it is awfully good. There is a new Freya North out this Spring too - so you might just find a copy flying Canada bound too.

    Hope to catch you later perhaps, think I may have just missed you online. Happy Saturday!

  2. oh yes...this is the most perfect room! i love the pale turquoise walls with the pops of pink....a thing of beauty to be sure!
    enjoy your weekend sweet one!

  3. So far no rain just beauiful clear blue skies! I'm afraid it won't last long though - we have a snowfall warning in the forecast- ekkkk
    I will definately join you over tea and books by the fire cozied up to those cute pink pillows!
    Take care my lovely friend stay dry! ;-)

  4. Nice to meet you! I actually was just thinking how I need a new book to read for today. Time to go search online for something to suck me in for the next few hours. Gorgeous photo!

  5. it's snowing where I am. A lot. foot and a half on the ground and it's still coming!

    I just read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and it was great!

  6. ooh, this is a delightful room. cozy rug and fireplace too. i loved The Help and also am intrigued with Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve.. xo.

  7. I ADORE the colours in your picture. So restful and yet warming too.

    Have a happy week...

  8. This would be a lovely place to hold a book club. I can imagine how comfy this room would be.

    I like the colours too. They really pop and make it the perfect place to have a gathering.


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