Monday, February 07, 2011

Much Love Monday {at the end of the day}

It has been a long and difficult day. Everything got blown out of proportion and felt just awful. But now, just before bedtime {and just after sipping my second chai tea latte of the day}, I'm feeling better and want to focus on the positive things that made it good.

And so, without further ado, a few things I'm loving on this blustery Monday night:
  • A friend of mine sent me a message this morning to say how much she loves my blog, that it's always so positive and inspirational... Wow. 
  • The boys have a clean, tidy bedroom, all re-organized this weekend with new, colourful floor mats... they spent a good half hour this morning putting all the letters in alphabetical order and placing the right dinosaur on the right letter {"Brachiosaurus starts with B, Sawyer!"}
kindergarten kid, ready for school in his shiny, clean bedroom
  • Book club is at my house tomorrow night. I'm going to bake a tasty treat to serve up to all the ladies while we discuss Water for Elephants {or perhaps I should serve some sort of circus-themed food, like cotton candy?}
  • The kitchen table is covered in paper doilies, pink glitter and lots of red construction paper, which can only mean one thing... it's almost Valentine's Day!
  • Dylan and I ran into my mom at the mall... "Mum! I just recognized Gramma over there!" he shouted. "This is such a lucky day!" Agreed.
  • Em flies into Vancouver tomorrow, and she'll be here in Victoria on the weekend... can't wait to see my very best friend again
  • We've just discovered Portlandia and it is hilarious
  • Today, in the school parking lot, a friend of mine walked up and gave me a hug for no reason at all... somehow she knew it was just what I needed
It's too late to write about resolutions tonight {I'd be breaking the early-to-bed goal if I did}, but I'll be back with that tomorrow. And a bunch of beautiful tumblr photos for your viewing pleasure, too.

Until then! Good-night.
E xo

T is for triceratops


  1. I'm sorry you had such a difficult day, but it sounds like the good ultimately outweighs the bad. And your bff is coming! That's most important of all. How cute are your little guys??

  2. My how much Dylan has grown! Wow, that really surprised me. Hope you get a good nights sleep and in a fresh day the events of this Monday won't be so bad. You really are the expert at turning your mind around though - I really admire that.
    MUST catch up with you later xx

  3. Your blog really is inspirational, Erin. I always think to myself "Erin is one of the luckiest people I know." I want to be as fantastic as a mom as you are someday.

  4. Love the alphabet / dinosaur coordination - clever kids!

  5. Alphabetizing dinosaurs is too cute.

    Here's hoping today goes more smoothly than yesterday did!

  6. i'm so glad to hear that after a morning like that (don't you hate when things get blown out of proportion?! i wish i could hug you! and love when i read that your friend did for no reason... hugs can change any kind of day! i believe it) that your friend who emailed is exactly right... i would build a virtual tent and hang out at pugh's news all the time for that very reason-- your appreciation of the little things in life. i love it so!

    can i PLEASE come to book club night?
    v-day making... oh i love it! thank you for convincing me to get with it and start on mine :) they're flying around to their destinations and i can only hope that the one going to canada gets there in time!

    I LOVE the image of dylan recognizing his Gramma at the mall :) warms my heart.

    something that made me INCREDIBLY happy!? the sweetest and most beautiful housewarming card and then the soup recipe book from darling you... you are ALWAYS so thoughtful like that. i really needed a bit of warm kindness and you gave it to me without even knowing it. J'adore you!! and am soooo excited to make dinners, starting with the ones you bookmarked-- which made it even extra special! THANKYOU with all my heart! xoxoxo

  7. I want to give you a hug now too, I'm sorry about your morning :( I hate it when things are blown out of proportion too.

    I love the alphabet mats though, how fun are they :)

  8. Yes, mornings are v wind blowing here too, esp when kid #2 mislays car keys before sch....;
    nice shirt Dylan!


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