Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Resolution 5/52

This past week, my goal was to listen to the CBC more often, and I totally did. I kept it tuned in on the car radio and listened to all sorts of interesting stuff as I ferried children back and forth to school and ran my usual million or so errands. I especially enjoyed Canada Reads 2011 yesterday {it's a series of debates in which 5 famous Canadians extoll the virtues of the book that they believe deserves the title of best Canadian book}. I hope The Birth House wins!

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This week I'm going to keep my goal simple. Drink lots of water. I've been headachy and sick with a cold a lot lately, and I'm hoping that getting my 8 glasses a day will make a big difference. Currently I pretty much exclusively drink tea, and the only time I really drink water is when I'm on a run or at the gym. Not good enough, Erin! My friend Sheila {who is completely awesome and also happens to be Tupperware Lady extraordinaire} just gave me a really great water bottle. I'm going to fill it up each morning, at lunch and at supper, and I'm going to toss slices of lime in there to fancy it up a bit. 3 of these bottles a day should more than equal enough water to re-hydrate me, don't you think? I'll let you know how it goes.

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Have you abandoned them completely or are you still plugging away at them? I think mine are going quite well. I like having one goal a week to work on, and adding it on to the ones that came before. Makes me feel successful... And that's always a good thing.


  1. I think your idea of small achievable goals is fantastic and you will reap huge rewards in the end. I am a recent convert to getting my full quota of water and I think it really helps. Did I mention I drink sparkling water in a wine glass in the evenings - it makes it feel fancier too!

    Keep missing you today I fear, hope to catch you soon.

  2. I'm always impressed by how drinking plenty of water makes me feel more energetic. Try cucumber slices in your water bottle as well... delicious!


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