Friday, January 29, 2010

Sneak peek

Red, white and pink construction paper + glitter + heart shaped stickers + festive markers + pretty ribbon + fancy scissors + paper doilies = tons of Valentine fun!

And we're only just getting started...


  1. Looks like fun, we have yet to get started but many ideas floating about, it's all about decisions, decisions.....

    love your new header. tried once myself but could never figure it out, so just gave up!

    happy nearly end of Januray! sounds like you have been waiting for it.

  2. What little lovelies you are all making. Does Dylan send to all his class from pre-school?
    This might have inspired me to make one with my niece and nephews this year too.

  3. oh these are just fantastic!!! you're so lucky cos you have the world's two most talented (and precious) artists right there ;)


    I finished mine last night... i'll post about them soon (one of them is yours! but i'm not telling which! ;) lol)

    x's and o's

  4. How cute! I love when tables are full of all sorts of crafty scraps like that. What a fun project to do with your little ones - you're such a great momma!

  5. oh i am so excited to see what people are coming up with, erin! so far, they each look so different and unique. what a fun project!


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