Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally February

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Dear February,

I'm so glad to see you! January was really doing me in, with its grey days and dark mornings and nasty stomach bugs and horrible tooth pain and nothing much to look forward to. But here you are, darling February, the light at the end of this wintry tunnel! There are so many things to love about you! Things like:

~ All the tiny crocuses starting to peek up in our garden.
~ The return of my beloved LOST (tomorrow night! I'm so excited! the wait is almost over!)
~ The groundhog (oh, please don't see your shadow, Phil!)
~ Valentine's Day cards and treats.
~ Watching the post for my book swap book to arrive.
~Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day! Can't wait to eat way too many crepes with all sorts of yummy fillings. Can't decide which I prefer~ lemon and sugar or nutella and raspberries...
~ Longer, lighter days (every little bit counts, even an extra few minutes in the evenings)
~ Improving my running with each passing week (and hopefully feeling my jeans get looser as a result)
~ Birthday present shopping and party planning (March is a bit mad in our family, so it's good to get an early start)
~ The Winter Olympics. I love watching the events on tv, and this year, being right in our own backyard, I'm excited to see Vancouver in the spotlight. Go, team Canada!
~Working on a few more of my blog awards (I've been tagged by two of my favourite bloggers... and it gives me a little thrill to be acknowledged by such talented, lovely ladies)
~ And did I mention LOST? Tuesday nights just got soooo much better! I am totally breaking out my Dharma tattoos tomorrow night!

February 1st. You're looking good. I'm counting on you to deliver fine weather and lots of fun in the weeks to come,
E xo


  1. On my walk home I discovered my entire street is lined with Cherry Blossoms in full Bloom!!! I thought of you. I didn't have my camera so I'm taking pictures tomorrow.

    I'm so sorry you've been sick! Ugh, that's awful! And I'm trying really hard not to think about Lost because I crave instant gratification but I don't have a tv so I have to wait until Wednesday when it's online. Ack! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Oh I am jealous that is slowly slipping into your warmer months and going to get colder here. I am completely a summer baby. Hope you enjoy lost! Oh and yes its already Tuesday here, its very hard to keep up with all the time differences.

  3. i'm loving all this "new month positivity" as i've now dubbed it. i'm excited about february, too! yay!

  4. january was both bittersweet for me so i'm praying february is just as good as the lovely bits of my past month.

    LOST, LOST is on tomorrow!!! i am SOOO EXCITED for another season of Sawyer! i want more of desmond myself though. ;)

    is it okay that i am SUPER excited to get your valentine card? cos i am :)

    and oh my goodness, take me to Pancake Day PLEASE!!!

    i'm so proud of you and your running. quite jealous, i need to get off me bum ;)

    how excited for the olympics in your backyard!

    get your Dharma tats & beer (take pics please!) and let's discuss tomorrow everything that happened on our beloved island :)

    you are just too cute Erin! xo

  5. For the record your jeans do not need to be any looser. I wish you could see yourself as beautiful the way you are. If you like running, go for it and have fun, but don't do it as a way to improve yourself because you don't need to.


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