Monday, February 01, 2010


I can't believe I had to register Dylan for kindergarten this morning. In five weeks, he will be 5 years old. My baby boy is growing up so quickly. Seems like he went from this...

to this...

in just a heartbeat. Where does the time go? And how can I get it back?


  1. I know everyone says that children do that - they grow! But it is amazing how quickly they do and how quickly the time goes isn't it.
    If only we could slow things down a little!

  2. he is just adorable. time passes so quickly watching kids grow up. i don't have any of my own but i feel like it was only yesterday all my nieces and nephews were born.

    you're a lucky mom!


  3. Oh, what a beautiful, nostalgic, wonderful, heart-melting moment...I cannot imagine how strange it is to reach that mark in time: Kindgergarten, and all that comes with it.

    Erin, you have SUCH a beautiful family. I don't think I've ever shared how very much I enjoy seeing you, your boys, your family grow. It's so lovely, and I love getting to see it all :)

    P.S. I'm hoping the package comes today! Fingers are crossed! :)

  4. I know. I was a little depressed yesterday. Just wait. Before you know it you'll be posting his grad picture.

  5. oh erin, how precious was dylan when he was born? perfect little face. and now he's going to be a kindergartener.

    imagine how the exciting things he's going to bring home to show his mum about what he's learned, more drawings to add to the fridge.

    this post warmed my heart. xo

  6. It seems like only yesterday my girls were babies, yet now one of them has a baby of her own. Time flies...way too quickly!! I guess the only thing we can do is cherish every moment!!


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