Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jackpot!, support, school days

Three beautiful things on a lovely rainy night...

1. I discovered some forgotten Amazon gift certificates while tidying up my email inbox tonight. And so, I've just ordered seasons 5 and 6 of LOST on dvd! They'll be here in a week! I can't wait!!! Now I'll have every single episode, and hours upon hours of bonus material to keep me entertained all fall and winter (and for years to come, really...) Yay! Just think of all those lovely Sawyer scenes I have to look forward to...


2. Since creating my profile page on the Run for the Cure site last night, I've already received $95 (plus the $20 that complete stranger gave me last week!) What a lovely, and generous, bunch of friends I have...

3. The boys couldn't get to sleep tonight. They are both way too excited about tomorrow. Dylan is keen to get back to kindergarten, and Sawyer has his very first day of preschool. "I am a really big boy now, Mum!" he said to me as I kissed him good-night for the third time. "THIS BIG!" And then he reached his hands up as high they could go.

It's been a great weekend. A nice combination of productive and relaxed. I made up the meal plans for the week, organized another box of stuff, enjoyed a few lovely long-distance phone calls (hi Wendy and Barbara!), did some housework and a few loads of laundry, and hopefully found us a new tenant. The rain brought a lot of green back to our garden, and we had the most delicious homemade pizza for dinner tonight, with fresh tomatoes and herbs that Alan brought in. We all made it together, which was so nice.

Now it's dark and the house is quiet (all three boys are asleep now!) and I can just hear the rain outside the window. I think I'm ready to relax in the bath for a bit with a cup of tea. Then it's off to bed! It's going to be a busy week of work and school, cooking and cleaning, meetings and workouts (as god as my witness, there will be workouts!) What about you? What will you be getting up to this (almost) third week of September? Do tell! I love to hear from you.



  1. Happy Monday, and happiest of first days of preschool to Sawyer!

  2. wishing you a happy monday! planning all week for my grandma's 89th birthday celebrations on friday and saturday! YAY!

  3. Now that Fall is upon is it's the perfect time to bring a bit more Sawyer back into your life! And how nice that someone you don't even know donated to your cause! I love random acts of kindness...

  4. wow, that sounds like an extremely lovely night! i love finding things i didn't know i had or had forgotten about, especially when it's cash or gift cards. :) well, i think it's pretty obvious what my week will be all about: my wedding! but also spending lots of time with my family and friends from out of town. my dad gets here today! eee!

    happy first week back to school!


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