Monday, July 19, 2010

Parade day

*** Following are a few cheerful photo posts, with pictures of the fun things we've done recently. To make up for my moody Much Love Monday post this morning. More on that later... ***

Saturday was parade day and the boys were so excited. There were banners and balloons and cheering crowds!

Dylan led the way much of the time. At one point, he was riding amongst the lacrosse team that walked ahead of us! Sawyer preferred riding in the bike trailer, pulled by Alan.

See? I told you. Cheering crowds! Here's my mom and dad, brother Luke and his kids Isabel and Jaydin. They were excited to see us going by! And Dylan was beyond excited to see them.

I'd have liked to stop at that farmers' market up the side road, but the parade must go on!

One handed ride/wave perfected!

And now, the boys want to know, how long is it until the next parade we get to ride in? They're hoping it's soon!


  1. That is awesome! They looked like they had fun :)

    I hope your day is much better. Don't we all have those days when everything feels like it's going wrong.

    Here's a bit of sunshine for you! And a smile :)

  2. This parade looks as fun as I imagined it would. Dylan really looks like he mastered that waving too - a real pro!



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