Monday, July 19, 2010

Much Love Monday? Not so much.

Good morning, I guess. (confession: I don't really think it's a good morning at all, but I am trying- half-heartedly- to fight the feeling I have of wanting to crawl back into bed and hide) I am really tired this morning, and far grumpier than I would like to be at the start of the week. I woke up with a stiff neck and a blinding headache. Not surprising after I fell asleep on the couch last night with wet hair and no blanket. A crappy end to a not-so-great day. Yesterday was a day of small disasters, all day long. I splashed bleach on one of my favourite skirts (seriously... why was I mopping the kitchen floor while wearing that? what an idiot), Sawyer knocked over a cup of coffee, all over the back of the couch and his nicest Gymboree t-shirt, I sliced open my knuckle on a crazy sharp knife, my parenting skills left a lot to be desired... need I go on? Maybe not, if I don't want to depress myself further. So, I won't mention that we haven't found anybody yet to rent our suite (and I'm freaking out about money), that I still don't have childcare lined up for Dylan for September, that I hate myself for gaining 5 pounds and not having the will power to just stop eating ice cream already.

Oof. It's one big pity party over here this morning. I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll be back this afternoon with happy tales of our morning at the park, cheerful and well-caffeinated and more myself again. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, will attempt to get these little monsters out the door while repeating the above mantra to myself over and over until I believe it. Wish me luck.

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  1. Aww love :( I'm sorry you're having the worst case of the Mondays. I feel your pain all the way in Texas. I hate days like these where everything just goes wrong. But I guess they make us appreciate the really good days! Wishing the rest of your day gets better! Hugs xo

  2. I'm sorry to hear things are so out of whack. As for yesterday, just tell yourself you had an off day and forgive yourself. As for today, take some time to relax and recharge. And do something you love, something that makes you smile. Maybe just slow down, order dinner, and put on a funny movie for the whole family to watch.

  3. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I always wonder why all these bad things can happen in one day! Dont worry I cant resist the ice cream either, all morning I have been thinking about getting a chicken burger for lunch...someone stop me!! I hope things look better tomorrow.

  4. We all need a good moan sometimes and so you are only human Erin for having a grumble!

    Hope the week gets better!



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