Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paying it forward

I so loved my parcels last week. Nothing gets me quite so excited as a full mailbox! Or motivates me to send some mail of my own... Oh, Canada Post must really love me! I've started making Valentines, am getting my book ready to send off to Egypt (!!!) in the book swap (I'm going with a Canadian classic), have ordered fun birthday gifts online for my nephews in Ireland, and have sent several letters to several of my lovely faraway friends.

I also wanted to "pay it forward" and send a parcel to someone out there in the blogosphere. After receiving Cassie's package of treats, I was supposed to do the same for someone else. I chose Bethany of Rinse. Repeat. Have you read her blog? She is just darling, and I love that she lives in Wisconsin (like Tib in the Betsy-Tacy books!) She's also been having a difficult time lately, and I thought she could use some cheering up. I had a lot of fun choosing some little treats for her and wrapping them in pretty turquoise tissue. I know I don't actually know her, but I feel like I do, as I've learned a lot about her from her blog and the comments she has left on mine... so I hope I chose some things she'll truly love. I can't wait for her parcel to arrive in Eau Claire. I wonder what she'll think?


  1. Erin, that is SO kind of you. I think she will love it. I can't wait to see what you round up for her. Paying It Forward is a FANTASTIC idea. i love the concept and had fun participating. I should do one again soon. There's something about spreading kindness, especially to those who could use it most. (truly you are a doll for doing this)

    I'm so excited for the book swap! mine is going to Ohio :) i hope my book comes in tomorrow (i ordered it last week). I went with my favourite collection of short stories from France.

  2. I CANNOT wait. CANNOT! :) Turquoise paper? Oh, Erin! You know me soooo well! Eeek! I've already been cheered by the very thought of your sweetness, and the hope of an adorable package headed my way!

    You are truly the dearest blogger-friend a girl could ask for! :)

    I will let you know the very second it arrives...and I can't wait to pay it forward, too! :)

  3. Erin,
    Your pay it forward package is a wonderful idea and Bethany such a delightful choice for it!
    Glad to hear you are keeping the postal system in business ;-) It's hard to top the feeling you get finding something in your snailmailbox.


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