Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Believing, listening, planning (and dreaming of tea parties)

My freezing-fingers-late-January-afternoon, 3BT:

1. Running group last night was good. I kept to the front of the group and ran, ran, ran. My legs are feeling it today! I can't imagine being able to run, non-stop, for 30 minutes. Right now I can do a minute and 30 seconds before slowing down to catch my breath. Our coach says we'll definitely be able to do it, and sooner than we think. I hope she's right.

2. I'm listening to classical music and drinking my tea while the boys sleep. It feels so good to relax. I have a letter from Em. I'm waiting for a few more minutes before I open it, to make it last.

3. Dinner plans include quesadillas and rice with salsa and black beans. Yum. I love Mexican food. Not ready to make it yet though. Enjoying my tea too much.

What are you doing this afternoon? Won't you come have tea with me? We could make cupcakes, and turn it into a proper tea party! Wouldn't that be fun?

image via tiny white daisies (again!)


  1. Oh definately wish I could have a tea party with you. I might put the kettle on and we can have a virtual tea party. Goodluck with the running i am sure you will reach your goal in no time at all.
    Guess what? Your postcard arrived yesterday it made my day!! It was such a gorgeous photo. Thanks so much, it will definately be in my next mail post!!

  2. Oh........ I would love to have tea and CUPCAKES Yummmmm. Looks like a wonderful setting too. Did you do some redecorating ;-) Thank you for your letter this morning, and a couple days ago. I love the card with the saying "Wish I was leaving to visit you right now" I have to spice up my letter writing material!
    Take Care - Ed is down Today and tomorrow so you might see him at the house. I had to stay :-( Not enough room for all of us - BUMMMMMMER!!!

  3. I'm there. See this is the benefit of living not too far away AND being your sister. I like chocolate cupcakes best :)

  4. There's nothing better than a tea party. Count me in! And thanks for the Jack Handy quotes - so funny!

  5. oh yes please...i would love to share a pot of tea, indulge in a cupcake, swap stories, & have some laughs with you my friend!
    the image is ever so lovely!


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