Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring dreaming

Dear January,

I'm sort of sick of you now. Could you move along, please, and make way for February and cherry blossoms? It would really do wonders for my frame of mind. Thanks! I knew you'd understand,



  1. Oh I really agree today! It is just so cold here again that I have the distinct feeling we haven't seen the last of the white stuff!

  2. I love cherry blossoms, I guess its from the time I spent in Washington DC as an au pair. It was therefore also the first tree planted in our garden after building our house. I can't wait for spring to come either, though with lots of snow here, the outlook is not so good...

  3. amen, sister! i am SOOOO ready for the spring thaw. we got tricked here in the mitten the other day - everything melted sunday, just to have it snow all day yesterday and today. blah!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. Although you put it a lot nicer than I would have. January and I have never been on very good terms ;)
    PS. Have fun running tonight.

  5. i couldn't agree more. im ready for my cute spring outfits. summer drives with the windows down.


  6. Add me to the "hurry up, Spring" club! Although the snowy mountains around Gap are gorgeous right now, I am way too busy trying to NOT slip on the black ice that is covering most every sidewalk in town to even notice. Sigh. Bring on the blossoms! xoxo

  7. Seriously! I'm over January and so ready to move on. And cherry blossoms? Yes please! We have one right outside my door and I can't wait till it blooms!


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