Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In between

I'm back, my friends! How were your holidays? I hope they were as magical as our Christmas morning was. You have never seen two little boys so in awe of Santa's generosity. It was such a joy to watch their faces and listen to their squeals of delight. At one point, Dylan was actually skipping he was so happy. I took hundreds of photos, and as soon as I can find the card reader thingy, I will get them onto the computer and up onto the blog.

We have had a wonderful Christmas, hectic though it has been. We have opened presents, played with new toys, tried on new clothes (I got so many lovely new clothes!), been out to dinner and lunch and to an open house or two. We have watched all the BBC holiday specials (oh David Tennant, what will I do without you?) and eaten a few too many gingerbread men. We have spent lots and lots of time with family and friends. Dylan and I even took a little overnight trip to Vancouver to see Emily (when your favourite friend lives in France, you take every opportunity you can to see her when she's in the country!) Now we are home again, I am beyond tired, my throat is sore (again... sigh...), and there are no real plans on the horizon.

I read this morning on a little blog I love that this is the "week between the years." Christmas is over and a New Year is almost upon us. This week is our last chance to enjoy the twinkly Christmas lights, to sit and gaze at the tree, to listen to holiday music and indulge in all the loveliness that is December. When this week is over, it will be 2010. A new year, a new decade and a fresh start. I am always sad to say good-bye to Christmas time and hello to plain old winter. I get overwhelmed by the inevitable (but oh-so-necessary) clean-up and frenzy of re-organizing that comes at the end of the holiday season. It always comes though, and so... this year I will tackle it head on and resolve to stay on top of it all. I will make the best of things and stop focusing on feeling sad. Instead I will enjoy this last week and relish the opportunity to start anew. Just as soon as I drink this cup of tea...

PS: I'm going to get back in the habit of the 3BT, too. It always makes me feel better. Stay tuned and I'll come up with something later today.

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  1. i am sooo glad you had a lovely holiday!

    "the week between the years" i love that!!! cute!!!

    i may have to use it, that one.

    i can not believe the Christmas is already done... i can't believe in a few days i'm going to be making the biggest move of my life.

    i'm glad i have friends like you to push me along the way.

    THANK YOU sooo very much for the Christmas postcard by the way. I LOVED it!!! the illustration was darling and your message, so sweet.

    i'm glad to know you Erin. You are a blessing of my 2009.



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