Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cleaning, movie, books

Tuesday night, fighting off the post-Christmas blues, 3BT:

1. I cleaned all day today. Cupboards and closets have been emptied and re-organized, I have filled two recycling boxes and carried 3 garbage bags out to the curb. Am determined to start the new year simply, not surrounded by clutter.

2. After all that hard work, the boys and I are treating ourselves to a bowl of popcorn and our Rudolph dvd before bedtime. It's nice to cozy up with them on the couch and watch an old favourite from my childhood.

3. I got so many great new books for Christmas. Once the boys are in bed, I'm going to get comfy on the couch with the entire stack, and a pot of tea. Aaah...

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  1. Aren't the post holiday blues so terrible? Every year I think "This will be the year I don't experience them"...and every year they strike. Hope you attacked that stack of books and tea with fervor...it sounds like the best way to fend off the blues!

    P.S. Rudolph is the best Christmas movie. Just the little high-pitched squeak his nose makes every time it lights up is enough to give me the giggles for a day! :)

    Hope your Christmas was SUPER merry and your New Years is the same! :)


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