Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My name is Erin

... and I'm a Lost-aholic. Few things in life make me happier than spending an evening with the Losties on the island, with the exception of an extra-foamy chai tea latte, and spending time with my lovely boys, of course! This Christmas I got some great Lost stuff, including the season 2 dvd box set (thanks, Wendy!), and two new Lost books (I'm amassing quite the collection...) One of the books is "Finding Lost: Season 5" by Nikki Stafford. I'm a regular reader of Nikki's blog (remember when she posted photos of my fab birthday cake?) and we chatted online about the book (and the utter brilliance of season 5) as it was being written. I was sad to see my name had been accidentally omitted in the list of blog commenters in the acknowledgement section at the back of the book. As a true Lost geek, I was looking forward to having my name in Finding Lost. Nikki made it up to me this morning by posting a photo of me and my book on Nik at Nite. Go see! I'm famous! In an "I'm obsessed with this completely crazy and totally amazing tv show" sort of way. It's the little things in life that make me happy... (ooh, and Nik has promised I'll get mentioned in the 2nd printing, so all's well that ends well, non?)

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