Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas in pictures

The past week and a half have been crazy. So much to do, so many people to see, so much to celebrate and be grateful for. We have had a marvellous Christmas. Here's a peek at what went on:

The night of the 23rd, we went to the outdoor Nativity pageant downtown. While we waited for the show to start, we tried to get a family photo!

The pageant was beautiful and reminded us about the true meaning of Christmas. The boys loved it. Sawyer had a hard time watching quietly, though. "Who's that boy?" he kept asking every time a new character appeared. "I go see that king!" he said about King Herod. Um, yeah, I think not! "That donkey is a bit scary." "I kiss that Baby Jesus." We tried hard not to giggle at his running commentary throughout the show. Good thing the people around us thought he was too cute to be annoyed!

On our way home from the Nativity we drove past the most fantastically festive house. And guess who came up to the van to see if we were on the nice list? You've got it! Santa! The boys were beside themselves. Especially when he gave us candy canes and little chocolate balls.

Christmas Eve I prepared a delicious cheese ball (among other things) for our little evening get-together with my parents... It's so hard to stick to your healthy eating plan when a cheese ball is involved. Sigh. Oh well! Won't be making it again for another year!

We spread magic reindeer feed around the garden. It's glittery, so the reindeer can see it twinkling when they fly over. Dylan was careful about where he chose to put it, and even wanted Alan to lift him up to roof height so he could sprinkle some up there!

Sawyer dumped his all over the place, a bit less carefully!

Christmas Eve, Gramma and Grampa came, bearing gifts. The fun began!

Santa drives around our neighbourhood on Christmas Eve, courtesy of the local fire department. As soon as we heard the music blasting and saw the flashing lights, we ran outside to greet him!

After visiting and singing and candy-eating, it was time to put on our new Christmas pajamas and put some snacks out for Father Christmas. Rumour has it he likes shortbread cookies and a glass of brandy...
Santa came after everyone was asleep. Look what he brought us!

Then he got a photo of a rather sleepy me by the tree!

Christmas morning finally came and excitement filled the air. "Mum and Dad!" Dylan called out from his bed. "It turns out that were ARE on the good list! Because look what I have discovered here at the end of my bed!" Both boys found Santa bags (as is the British tradition that Alan grew up with). They had a marvellous time with those and gave me enough time to get a pot of tea ready, and gingerbread buns and cinnamon scones warmed up. Then we headed downstairs to open our stockings (I made those! What do you think?)

Sawyer's Christmas wish was granted! He got a big tin of cookies, homemade by Mrs. Claus herself!

Alan got his R2-D2 that he'd been hinting at for months!

Dylan got Diesel 10! (and Operation, and a remote control dinosaur... Santa was very generous this year! Apparently the recession hasn't reached the North Pole...)

After a day at home, playing with all our new toys, we went to my brother's house for a delicious Christmas dinner. Gotta love the requisite paper crowns in the Christmas crackers...

There were about 12 kinds of dessert to choose from!

Boxing Day we were off to Auntie Pat's house for more fun avec les cousins.

Look how I inadvertently dressed us all in matching outfits! Ideal for the annual Christmas family photo, non?

It was a very Merry Christmas. I wish we could go back a week and do it all over again. January is looming now, and seriously... what's to love about January?

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